About Us

Founded in 2007.

Based in Centurion RSA.

Our Team.

We employ creative and free thinking software developers and trainers in order to develop leading edge mobile centric business intelligence.

Tried, true and trusted.

MACmobile and it's offerings have been used by the biggest brands in the industry, and are used to this day!

Going about your business.

We approach mobile computing requirements with a business view. Once the business requirements are clearly understood the technology stack best suited to your requirements is implemented.

Main management

Steering a multifaceted ship such as MACmobile takes a skilled crew, find our Captain and co-pilots below.

Team Member
Andrew Dawson
Founder & Commercial Director
Team Member
Andrew Birch
Managing Director
Team Member
Connie Shipp
Financial Director
Team Member
Jaco Ras
Technical Manager
Team Member
Jaco Saunders
Commercial Manager MACmoney